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Maja's Journal

Saturday, September 24, 2005

12:53AM - see- THIS is how you make Maja giggle

took the Scientology personality test, or "emotional tone" test as they called it. hehehe its so cute!! can i keep it momma, please?!

Your Emotional Tone Level is 3.5

This indicates you have the following characteristics:
You have a very good value as a friend.
You are well loved by others.
Your possessions are in good condition.
Others understand you well.
You have the potential to be incredibly successful.
But why do you still suffer from momentary spells of stress, anxiety, unhappiness and irrational anger?
Find out in the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and handle it forever.
Click here to order

Current mood: chipper

Friday, September 23, 2005


little miss merry me is going to have a hell of a happy year this year so you're all welcome to point and laugh whenever you please.
on a happier note, i talked to nic, he'll be coming to visit for christmas, so that makes me happy.
what else? nothing much really- so i'll leave it at that.
Love love all

Current mood: gloomy

Thursday, September 8, 2005


omg! you all like totally have to take this survey! it'll only take a minute i swear! it's like soooo funny!

The Longest, Most In-Depth, Decisive and Critical Survey This Side of the Moon, Even Though There is not Much Else on the Other Side of the Moon (Complete With the New Improved Revised Standard for all Surveys that Question You and Interrogate Your Personality Title. Created one Cold Winter Day by Two Students who were Supposed to be Doing an Exam Review, but Since it was Religion, They Couldnt be Bothered, so They Wrote This Instead)
- By Melisus (the Wee) and Laike (the Stampede)

Welcome to the longest survey you will ever take in your life. Now, dont go denying it, we have taken the liberty of silencing our competition and are confident this IS the worlds longest survey. Normally, this would be followed by a long rant about nothing in particular, but introductions and the survey itself is already a punishment worse than death unless of course you have no life.

General Info

In this section you will find questions concerning the following: general info, information about things which are general, and just questions we thought worthy of some pointless introduction to hell-uh, the survey. ^_^

Time started: 2:00pm[1-23-04]
First Name: Jessica
Middle Name: Elyse
Last Name: Wenberg[formerly Halbasch, formerly Nicholson, never been married P-)]
Name You Wish You Had: Jessywessy Elyse Wenberg, haha
Nick Names: Jess, Ika, Lilah, Jew
Name Origins: Haha, my mom named me off of Jessica in some soap opera, I always thought it was because of Jessica Rabbit in Who framed Rodger Rabbit!
Meaning: lemme google that..."This name was first used in this form by Shakespeare in his play 'The Merchant of Venice', where it belongs to the daughter of Shylock. Shakespeare probably based it on the biblical name Iscah meaning "YAHWEH beholds" in Hebrew, a minor character in Genesis. Jessica is sometimes used as a feminine form of JESSE." Jesse-"From the Hebrew name Yishay which possibly meant "gift"."
Current Date: Friday, January 23, 2004
Date Of Birth: December 22, 1985
Random Date: March 11
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Place Of Birth: Menorah Hospital, KC[KS or MO, I'm not sure]
Time Of Birth: 6:40-something in the morning I believe
Current Location: In my den
Location you wish you were: Hmm, I've got nowhere to be


Yes, we realize there are some ugly people out there but we have faith in our beautiful friends, their friends, their friends, their friends, their friends, their friends, their friends, and their friends that this shall not be passed onto anyone ugly. If this has, we apologize and allow you/command you to stop taking this survey now as no one wants to be scared away by horrific answers.

Hair Colour: A darker blonde, but still blonde
Hair Colour You Wish you Had: I'd like to try black hair, but I'm to scerd to dye it
Hair Style: Typically I brush it and leave it down, tis straight, so either that or a ponytail/half ponytail etc, nothing fancy-I'm too dumb for that P-)
Hair Style You Wish you had: I like it how it is
Eye Colour: Grees p-^ <--look, i created a new pirate! It's not as cool though
Eye Colour You Wish You Had: I wih my eyes were more green...
Height: 5'3-4"
Weight: somewhere between 110 and 120
Were You Honest With That Answer? Yea, I don't weigh myself alot, but its usually around 115, so yea
Skin Tone: I'm so white, but this fall I discovered that I actually do like going outside, so one it gets warm again I may end up not so pale!, haha,
Glasses/Contacts/None: better than perfect, I'm not sure what the numbers are, but yea
Freckles/Acne/Leprosy/Any Other Skin Disorder/None: I've got freackles all over, but not like mass freckles, they are either very pale, or very spaced out, I think they're cute, haha


In all reality there is no point in this section except for us giving you the chance to admit the truth about what is really going on with that teeny brain of yours (if you do indeed have one). Now, be honest, youre only lying to yourself. Everyone already knows youre loony anyway.

Are You Crazy? Absolutly
Where you honest? Yepers
Are you sure? Are you unsure of my answer?
Really really sure? *attempts to raise eyebrow*
You are absolutely sure right? You missed a comma<--haha, I'm pretty damn sure
IQ You wish you had: I'm content with this, I don't know the exact number, but tis fairly high
IQ You REALLY have: I think it was 140ish, I'm really smart, I just don't apply myself and have selective memory, haha
Have you seen a therapist? Once, my brother went mental and stole a car, so then he had to and he wanted to see enryone in the family, I was pissed
A Psychologist? Uhmm, maybe if my brothers therapist person was one too
A Psychiatrist? Stop using big words, I'm tired!
Have you been in a mental ward? :-/ when my gramma tried to kill herself, we went a few times to visit her.
Have you been in a straight jacket? No, but I want to own one...a plaid one...
If so, how does it feel like? It will be happy, because I will be giving myself the best hug ever
Do you hear voices? Alice, Melissa, Jackie, Sarah and Lane
If so, what are their names? haha, I read your mind!
Do you like purple bunnies? eh, yellow ones are better
If so, do they talk to you? shhhh, they whisper
How are the leprechauns? lucky bastards...
Are you on any form of medication? occasionally tylenol, advil, ibeuprofin, acetominaphin, ya know, the good stuff!
What is it? damn, I read your mind again!
What is it for? to make me feel better
Any Side effects? typically, no effects, I have the problem of drugs going straigh outta my system, have fun trying to poison me! muah ahahah P-)
Is it working? nope
Do you think we, the creators of the survey, can track this email to your house? House? If not, my addres is 16607 W. 141st st...
Do you wash your hands repeatedly for no reason? Yes, working at a restaurant can make you be obsessive compulsive if you weren't already[oh, and I was already, yea buddy I was]
Do you listen to Crambo (if you dont know who they are, dont ask)? *googles crambo*
Do you enjoy it? supposedly crambo is an awesome rhyming game
Do you laugh a lot? hehehe, yea buddy i do!
Is it evil and maniacal? muah ahahahaa, absolutly!
Do you giggle? when I'm tickled!
If so, is it random? then too, everything about me is random!
Are there germs eating away at you? nope, I eat them first
Is some one following you? I wish, but I ate him too
Does some one want to kill you? Ate
Is some one watching you (besides us)? Ate
Do you anger randomly? god dammit no!!!
Are you obsessed with taking over the world? Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky? Uh... yeah, Brain, but where are we going to find rubber pants our size?
Do you already have an army? well...if I just flip the on switch...
Are you making your way towards your goal? yep, I just stole every box of chocolate cake mix in the state...it will happen soon...
Are you aware that the creators of this survey are already doing this and now plan to crush you? well it helps that I'm friends with the creators, muah ahahaha
Can you concentrate on anything? other than surveys, no
Do your moods change randomly and quickly (excluding symptoms of PMS, Menstrual cycle and/or pregnancy)? I'm usually super happy, but randomly somethings can really get me down


Wondering what well gain from this? Simple. We can now tell if its REALLY worth talking to you, hanging around you, or just letting you exist! ;)

What do you think you are personality wise? Alot more interesting that 'lets go shopping at abercrombie!'
What do you think are your best traits? I'm a good friend
How about worst? I get selfish sometimes
What do other people say about you personality wise? They know I'm insane and most of them love me for it
What do you want them to say? I want them to tell the truth, I love hearing what people have to say about me, even if its bad
Are you Sarcastic? nevah!
Are you a pessimist or an optimist? I pour my glass right up to the top, then chug it down, who wants it halfway!
Whats your western zodiac sign? Capricorn
How about Chinese Zodiac sign? Ox, bwahaha
How were the planets aligned at the exact moment of your birth? They were fairly scattered I believe
Were you born on a full moon? I dont think so, I have no idea
If not, what stage of the moon was it? errr, lemme look-google has no idea
Were you born on any Ides? I dun think so
Were they the Ides of March? If the ides of march ar in december
If so, are you suspicious of your closest friends plotting to stab you in the back? If not, can I stab you in the back?
Do you read Shakespeare? Not avidly, but I have
Do you read it so much it isnt healthy? nope-aroo
Can you compose sonnets? Yea
Do you know what a sonnet is? Yea
Have you any idea who Shakespeare is? I have him in my bed
Are we off topic? nope, its perfectly normal to go from zodiac to planets to moons to shakespear -_-
On topic, Next section should come now? wee haw, sure, I love these things
If you said yes to the above question did you really think we would comply? Not really, but I can take the disappointment
Do you lie? yes, I can't bear it, I neeeeed the next section now!!
If so, how much? Not often
Do you think youre mean? No, I can't mentally handle saying anything to someone that I consciously know will hurt them
How mean are you on a scale of one to ten? 2-3, and thats family [im bad...]
Do you think youre nice? I think I'm pretty nice
Do you try to help people out when theyve got problems? Every time, whetehr I can only listen or give advice, or anything I do it.
Do you blow people off a lot? Nope, I try to make time for everyone
Do you yell at people a lot? Nope, I dun really yell
Do you hate people a lot? Nope, I'm loving
Do people hate you a lot? Nope, I think I'm lovely in the non-conceited way
Do you hate the world? Nope, random reason here
Does the world hate you? I'm sure some people do, but the majority doesn't
Do you think everyone owes you? Nope, I owe them
Do you think youre god? Yes! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am god! Ph34r /\/\3!<--lmao
Do you think youve got problems? Indeed
Or do you think its everyone else? Everyone has problems, I am one included in the every
Are you normal and everyone else is weird, or are you weird and everyone else is normal? I'm pretty off
Are you absolutely sure about the above answer? Can never be sure, but I believe it strongly!
Do you get used a lot? Not really
Or do you use people? Thats mean
If so, do you feel bad about it? I would if I did
Do you have a conscience? I have my conscience and the consciences of everyone who threw theirs out, my house is full of the damn crickets
If not, do you feel guilty about lacking one? I have one, I have quite a few


No, this survey unlike others is not concerned with the future. Why? Frankly, we dont care about your dreams and aspirations, were not here for your life story, were here to interrogate and annoy (is it working yet?). So here are questions pertaining to today, so we can establish just how SAD and POINTLESS your lifestyle is oh, and discover how much time you have wasted on this so far. Sad, isnt it? We know.

What time is it now? 2:43, same day
What are you SUPPOSED to be doing? cleaning
Why arent you doing it? this is better
What is the weather? "The state of the atmosphere with regard to temperature, cloudiness, rainfall, wind and other meteorological conditions."<--haha, that and cold, very very cold
What room are you in? the den
What are you wearing? black swooshy pants, pink bike pants[i wear them under clothes because its cold, sleepy underwear[as in the seven dwarves], a white wifebeater, and a red plaid bra
What do you wish you were wearing? maybe that plus a hoodie
Who is in the room with you? *looks around* dutchess, one of our dogs
Who do you wish was in the room with you? maybe my two kitties
Are you aware that the previous answer you just gave more than likely makes you sound like a portuch? nope
Do you know what a portuch is? Yep
Would you like to know what a portuch is? i know already though
Back on topic, what would that person that you wish was in the room with you want you to be wearing? my cats dont care what or if im wearing, haha
Did you answer "naked" to any of the above questions on clothing? nope
If so, you DO realize that was perverted: i didnt, so you are the perved one
Are you eating anything, if so, what? I'm chewing on my ring
What would you like to be eating? Mashed potatoes and shrimp-flavored ramen.<---ooo, *married that person*
Are you drinking, if so, what? nope. nothing, sorta my saliva though
What would you like to be drinking? mmmm, I'd really like some water
What are you listening to? the humming of my computer
Is there swearing in it? it would be great if my computer swore at me
Did you go to school/work today? No. It’s winter break.
What did you eat for breakfast? macaroni and cheese
Lunch? mac n cheese - i ate for the first time at 2pm, its as both
Dinner? its 3 now, I havent, and probably wont eat
Dessert? mmmm
Snacks? I had some cheese its!
Approximately how much sugar did you eat? Well...mac n cheese nd cheese its dont have much sugar, I dont like candy very much[eek im a nerd!]
Did you eat enough for your daily nutritional intake? Nope, i dont typically get the recommended 2000 calories, im never hungry, i wish i had flinstones vitamins again...

The Future

Remember how we said we didnt care about your future aspirations, hopes, and dreams? Well we sorta lied. We still dont care, but were sticking this section in here anyway. Why? Partly, so we can make this survey longer, and partly because we always need a good laugh at those hopeless dreamers.

So what do you want to be? I want to help people
How old do you want to be when you die? as old as I'm sposed to be
What sort of job will you have? one that helps people
How many husbands/wives do you intend to have? just one, husband preferably, but if i give up on males, liz and i will go to vermont
Did you know that if you answered more than one to the above question, you are a player? im not a player though
So do you want to be rich? not really
How about what age do you want to retire? i dont want to be old and bored, id rather work if its something i like
How many kids do you want? a few
Have you ever thought about adoption? yea, why not love someone that another wouldnt or couldnt have?
Did you forget about those millions of starving children waiting to be adopted? nope
I suppose you forgot, have you? nope, how can i forget when there are posters and pictures and commercials everywhere-they are the real superstars
Who do you think will rule this world in the future? god
You better have answered the creators of this survey, right? nope, the creator of this world P-)
How far in the future do you expect this survey to end? the scroll bar says im almost half done

Social Life

To be honest, were not expecting much from most of you out there. Then again, there are bimbos who have such an obnoxiously huge social life its sickening. And for some reason, there are sick questions pertaining to saliva exchange (which we doubt half of you understand) due to a said creators loneliness no names shall be mentioned for the moment.

Do you want a Boyfriend Or a Girlfriend? yea, ive got one
If so, who? curtis
Ever hugged some one not in your family? uhm, yes, quite a many dozens of people too!
How about Kissed? yepers
French kissed? yepers
Have your parents walked in on you? not in, but alan caught me making out with josh in his[josh's] car
If so, how did they react? he was pissed, now we laugh about it
Are you a virgin? absolutly
Were you honest in answering the above question? absolutly
How many friends do you see daily? usually one daily, sometimes
How many friends do you wish to see daily? all of them
How many friends do you know online? a whole whole lot, most of them i know in person too though
Who is/are you best friend(s)? all of them
Ever went dancing with them? well i went dancing with lizzie~bob, and i dance to the music with all my church friends, and i play ddr with kristie, ali, lizzie~bob, curt and justin
Movies? i like them
Dinner? eating is good
Theme parks? are fun
Anything else you do with your friends? we just hang out
Anything in particular you want to do with your friends? am thinking about going to florida with justin
Have you stayed up past midnight with friends? every night
When was the last party you attended? never?


Why are we asking your favourites? Because there are so many things to think of that its just a really great way to take up space and time while making you feel like youre letting people know what youd like for your birthday! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

What is your favourite colour? i like red and green and blue and purple
Food? Ramen
Clothes? ones that fit
Pen Colour? black
Marker Colour? Red
Crayon Colour? Pink
Pencil Crayon Colour? pencil crayon? colored pencil? purple
Scent? vanilla, green tea
Drink? water, pibb
Alcoholic Drink? havent found any alcohol i like
Non edible taste? uhmm, curt?
Sound? whispers
Sound effect? car horns and ducks...together
Song? all of them
Band? all of them
Pop group? no
Accent? british, australian
Country? ive always wanted to go to great britain, and anywhere else i could go
Animal? my kittays
Language? i love listening to other languages
Subject at school? i like philosophy and psychology
Watch Brand? i currently dont have a watch, otehrwise, wal mart
Clothing Brand? wal mart
Computer Brand? uhmm, this one
Shoe Brand? wal mart
Electronic Brand? wal-freakin-mart!
Pen Brand? sharpie!
University? i like my junior college just fine
Hockey Team? i know zero about hockey
Baseball team? royals?
American Football Team? chiefs?
European Football (soccer) Team? *shuggs*
Basketball Team? dun care
Lacrosse Team? i like playing lacrosse
Army? favorite army? ours?
Video Game? hunter, haha, zombie killing ones and ddr
Video Game Company? typically justin and curt, haha, i lay video games with my boyfriend and ex!
Book? lots of em
Book Series? i used to read the babysitters club, haha
Author? stephen king
Movie? lots of em, langoliers and labrynth are definetly cool ones though
Actor? well, im a pirate, yarrr, so i like johnny depp P-)
Actress? that one girl
Director? the other one, no not that one!
Writer? me
Movie Genre? comical horrors
Book Genre? medical fiction horror, haha
Smurf? the girl one, she was a playa!
Dwarf From Snow White? *looks at underwear* sleepy!
Pokemon? i liked uhm, i have to think of the name, oh, jigglypuff, because he colored on peoples faces while they slept!
Digimon? never watched it
Monster from Monster Rancher? i dunno, the good one
Care bear? lucky
Anime Series? uhmm oh! cat soup! hahaha, although not a series, so i dunno
Cartoon? uhmm dunno
TV Show? i dont really watch tv
Soap Opera? dont watch those ever
Reality TV Show? reality, is dumb
Game show? no
Kids show? Sesame Street
Radio station? 105.5
MP3 Software Player? ?
MP3 Hardware Player? no
Holiday? valentines, birthdays
Day Of Week? friday, no work!
Month? uhmm, its warm enough for whiny me by june, haha
Weapon? mini cocktail swords
Mathematical Formula? 3+46-574=g
Gum Brand? the green kind, haha
Gun Brand? o_0 i dunno
Candy? i dont like candy
Exercise Activity? ddr
Sport? ddr
Famous Historical Figure? i love einstein, i know he isnt too terribly historical, but still awesome
City? olathe is nice enough
Athlete? nobody!
Political Figure? politics are dumb
Political Party? Republicrat, haha
Model? no
Club? orlando's
Weapon Of Mass Destruction? my thumb
Insult? nerd-face
Yo Mamma Joke? i forget those
Blonde Joke? those are all awesome, now say....dead baby joke!
Newfie Joke? What does a quadrapeligic, deaf, blind baby get for christmas? CANCER!
Website? my journal ones, deadjournal, livejournal, greatestjournal, and xanga
Magazine? any laying around the house
President of the USA? I dunno
President Of Canada? They have a president??
Current World Leader? A nice, peaceful one who doesn't take pleasure in blowing off people's faces.<--ditto
Random Person? Janell[wow, I havent thought about her in a long time!]
Boys Names? lots of em
Girls Names? lots of em
It Names? mystic and bubsy, my cats
Dog Breed? we have lovely shelties
Cat Breed? DSH
Pig Breed? the clean ones, haha
Oxymoron? Intellegent Cheerleader<--hahaha!
Saying? That one
Wise Saying? You can't be in love and not love someone, but you can love someone and not be in love
Word? indeed
Asian Symbol? o_0 i dunno
Survey (we all know you love this one the most!)? super long ones
Free Email Provider? yahoo
Tyrannical Corporation? aol instant messanger
Microsoft Software? xp
Microsoft Bug? i dont like one
Computer Virus? One that stops war and makes everyone start hugging each other. A stupid question gets a stupid answer<--haha
Disease? leprosy
Sex Position? thats a negative
Part Of Body? eyes
Part of Body To Draw? knees, P-)
And you did know Canada doesnt have presidents, right? yes, stupid faces


Preferences are a must know for us. Why? Because that way we know what you hate and can TORTURE YOU TO THE END OF YOUR DAYS WITH IT!!! Actually, were just following the age old survey tradition. Really.

This Survey/Anything Else (dont answer this one, we all know you love this one more) i love obnoxiously long surveys!
Pepsi/Coke? coke
PC/Macs? PC
Toronto Maple Leafs/Montreal Canadiens? haha, they spelled canadians wrong
Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera? i dont like either of their music, but christina is hotter
Backstreet Boys/NSYNC? nope
American Football/European Football? european
Mario/Luigi? luigi
Pikachu/Togepi? what?
Yamato Ishida/Taichi Kamiya (Digimon)? whoa no
Destinys Child/TLC? no
KoRn/Limp Bizkit? no
Rap/Rock? rap is horrendous, so rock
MSN Messenger/AOL Instant Messenger? AIM
ICQ/MSN? MSN. neither-nor
AOL/Microsoft? those are two totally different things
Microsoft/Apple? microsoft, i hate mac
Nike/Reebok? wal mart
McDonalds/Burger King? mcdonalds!
Google/Yahoo? google is my hero
Canadian Hockey/American Hockey? canadian
Xbox/PlayStation 2/Game Cube? ps2, i like ddr
Nintendo 64/Playstation? ps
Mario/Sonic? although sonic is awesome, mario is classic
Luigi/Tails? Tails. i dunno
One Pillow/Two? a whole lot more
Coffee/Tea? mmm tea
Chicken/Beef? chicken, i dont eat much red meat

Online Stuff

Yes, this is where you admit to just how sad a person you are, hiding in your room/basement like that.

How Many Email addresses do you have? two
How many do you use? one
Do you use Hotmail? i have it, dont use it though
Or Do you rather use Yahoo? eastgirl85
Do you like shareware? i dunno
Do you pay to visit sites? nope
Do you watch porn online? nope
Do you LIKE watching porn online? nope
Have you posted your OWN porn online? nope
If You could, would you? nope
Have You Cybered? nope
If you could, would you? nope
Are you cybering right now? nope
If so, with who? nope
Do you know they could be an 80 year old man? nope
How many viruses do you get in your email? nope
Do you hack? nope
Do you like to hack? ! 0vv|\|z j00!
Do you pirate software (no one will know, its ok)? yarr!!!P-)
Do you like doing that? nope
Do you download MP3s? nope
Do you rip MP3s? nope
Do you miss Napster? nope
Do you like Kazaa? indeed i do
Do you hate the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America)? nope
Would you like to nuke them? nope
Are you a computer geek? sorta
Do you consider yourself a computer geek? sorta
Do you know what a TIF file is? yea
If you answered yes on the above, you do know its a photo file right? yea
If you were right, do you now think youre a geek? yepers
Do other people consider you a geek? more of a nerd
Do you play violent games online? not really
Do you 0WN violent games online? no
How many frags do you average per game if so? no
Do you know what a frag is? no
Do you play Counter Strike? no
Do you 0WN at Counter Strike? no
Do you even know what Counter Strike is? yes
How many people are on your buddy list? 93
Do you use IRC? no
Do you know how to use IRC? i dun think so
Are you good at IRC? no
How fast can you type? bout 60 wpm
Can you out type people? yes,
How many hours do you log on your computer? too many...
How many hours do you spend doing anything else? not as much as i should
Does the number you spend online out do the time you sleep? yes


Yes, the hellish of all hells has been graced with its own individual section. We now invite you to relive those horrible moments and spread them around the world for all to see.

Did/Do you do well in school? I dont do homework very well, i could have done much better
What subject did you do well in? english, i loved it
Which subjects did you do bad in? science, math
Have you received a D (60% and lower)? yes. but not often
Have you failed ever? yes
Do you intend to ever fail? no
Do you like failing? nope
Did you ever get recess? oh yeaaaa
Was that your favourite subject in school? i like swinging
So what course did you like the most? reading
How about hate? science
Did you take any second or third languages? l33t and spanish, h0|4
If so, what were/are they? see above
Are you one of the brains at school? not so much
Or are you a jock? thats a negative
Are you the queen of the school yard at school? im a queen of nothing
Or are you the follower to the queen? i dont follow
Did/do you have a posse? haha, my school posse, my church posse, etc.
Did/Do you want one? naw
Do you even KNOW what a posse is? yes
What stereotype were/are you at school? the hyper one who fit in with nobody, a band nerd too
What stereotype did/do you want to be? none
Did you ever get called names? no many
Or Did you call people names? i didnt do that
Did you ever get into a fight? yea, i tried to avoid em though
Have you been Suspended? nope
Expelled? nope

Have You

Hey, everyone needs blackmail, right?

Gotten Drunk? nope
Drunk enough to pass out? never been drunk stupid face
Gotten doped? nope
Gotten high? nope
Gotten stoned? same thing as high?
Had kinky sex? no
Mooned some one? nope
Streaked? nope
Skinny dipped? haha yea
Attempted to murder some one? nope
Murdered some one? almost killed my brother accidentally once, then it was just an ugly concussion
Laughed so hard you cried? nearly every day[alan and glitter, hahahahaaha]
Watched Kid shows when youre much too older for it? yea, im a preschool teacher!
Watched Teletubbies? haha, yea
Watched Porn on TV? nope
Read a porno mag? read? haha
Been so in love with some one, youd die for them? im not sure
Had the person mentioned above possibly break your heart and you cried? tis possible...
Played with some ones heart? nope, tis wrong
Fought with your best friend? lizzie~bob, have we fought?
Given some one the silent treatment?
Ever though about gory and sadistic things? yes
Found pain enjoyable? yea
Been so crazy, you screamed out loud? yea
Wondered why the sky is blue? i could tell you why
Proven through some complex formula why it's blue instead of some simple made up explanation everyone can understand? no
Wondered when the world would end? nope. itll come eventually
Wondered if it could hurry because of this survey? never!
Wondered about extracting revenge on who ever sent this long thing to you? no, nobody sent this to me, i went about seeking it
Wondered how LONG this survey is? i wonder how many questions it is
Wondered how to kill the writers of this survey in revenge for writing this (note: We have an army, dont try and make a martyr of yourself!!!)? nope
Wondered when this section of Have yous will ever end? nope
Hacked some ones computer (particularly the person who sent this to you)? nope
Sent some one a virus? not on purpose ^-^
Nuked some ones internet connection? nope

This Survey

We know just how much you all are enjoying this survey so far so were sticking in a section all about this wonderful creation of ours. Yes, it deserves its own section, and dont you complain. The rest of the survey is about you, anyway.

How long do you think this survey is? 500 qs
Are you tired of filling it out so far? nope
How long has it taken you to get to this point? uhmm, started at 2, its now 5:30
Dont you agree this is the worlds longest survey? its possible
Dont you agree this survey is long and cool enough to deserve its own section? indeed, its so special, it deserves a short bus
How many times have you thought about killing who ever sent this to you over the course of filling out this survey? never
How are you surviving? im cold, otehrwise good
Do you fear there are still yet MORE sections for you to fill out? nope, i look forward to them!
What do you think of the Authors so far? i think they're cool
What do you think of who ever sent this to you so far? theyre cool
Have you suffered any violent thoughts during the course of this survey? nope, they were lovely
Not even the smallest bit? mmmmmm no
Dont you agree this is the most random thing? nope


We were too lazy to actually sort this stuff into a corresponding heading so we took the EASY way out we made up a miscellaneous section! Just shows you our genius.

Think of a random number and type it here: 7
How about a word: niptoe
How about a letter: s
How about a random curse word: mittens, haha
How about a random object: jello
Look around your room, describe it: two big desks, one little desk, one medium sized desk, a fireplace, 7 chairs, two huge shelves, a sterio, three computers, two little tables, a huge dictionary, a dictionary stand, a cool thing on the ceiling
Having fun yet? yepers
How many pages do you think this is right now? one, livejournal stretches!
You are aware its 13 at this moment correct? ok, 13
Anyways, tell me a random colour: pinkish brown
Tell me something random: neon green steel is soft
Do you like random things? this spoon tastes good
You were aware a lot of this survey was random, right? indeed
You liked that, right? yepers
Are you going to kindly attach an empty version of this survey to which ever poor sucker you choose to send it to right? empty, haha, they'll have to delete as they go just like me!
If yes, why? no
And if no, why? yes
Do you like taking surveys? its a passion of mine
How about this one? its lovely
How about type out a random sound: mooosh
How about a sound effect: techno bass beat
Are you tired of this yet? no, i will never be
Are your wrists tiring out yet? nope
Did you know if you filled this survey out ten times at once, youd get Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? i wouldnt
Do you even know what that is? absolutly, it sucks
You are aware thats a Repeated Stress Disorder of the wrist muscles? yea
Anyways, Do you think this survey is almost over? my scroll bar says almost
You are aware we are just dragging this out to torture you right? indeed
Good, then congratulations, you survived the worlds longest survey!
Did you survive? for the most part
Were you aware we lied earlier? many times
Now were not lying, congratulations, you survived the worlds longest survey!!!
Time/date finished: 5:31pm 12-23-04
Length Of Time Required to Finish: three and a hlaf hours and one minute

There, youre finished! And it only took you until *insert date and time finished* to get through it! But now, you have to wonder, WHY? I mean, think of all the things you could have done! Painted a masterpiece, hacked someones computer, discovered the cure for cancer, or even ate something. Tsk, tsk, dont you feel so let down now? Youve wasted your life away on this thing, actually putting thought into this! I, for one, am ashamed of you! There are so many things to do in life, why sit there and let it pass you by? Dont you just feel rotten? Well, there is some hope for your pathetic soul. Feeling vengeful? Would you like to get back at the person who sent this to you? Well forward this on to all your friends and especially your enemies! On second thought, just open your address book and send it to everyone in there! Now you can make yourself feel better about your blatant stupidity by putting many more people through the same hell you experienced.

Melisus the Wee
But before you send it, Laike is finally going to get her bit of a rant after being driven to work by Melisus the Wee. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this 14 pages of hell, dont worry, we the creators suffered good hell too, think about the poor people who had to think up of 14 pages of information to make your life hell!!! Pity us too while you pity yourselves! Anyways, so prepare for our world domination plot to fall into place by sending this survey to all your friends. (She's psycho, excuse her... and an idiot.) Have fun.

hehehe yah, i bet whoever actually got till down here hates me now. :) had to try though....

Tuesday, September 6, 2005


- 10 years ago
I was a control freak as punctual as a swiss watch and annoying as hell in a bitchy way.

- 5 years ago
beginnings of 9th grade- I met Tini and went on a rampaging hell drive

- 1 year ago
was completely fucked up and asleep, didn’t know where I was, and pretty much looked like a sloth.

- Tomorrow
I will study. Very boring stuff.

- 5 snacks I enjoy -
grapes, cheese and mustard, carrots, coffee, random shit I find around the house

- 5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs –
him, gregorians, smashing pumpkins, garbage, no doubt, first ones I thought of

- 5 things I would do with a $100,000,000 -
buy an extremely small apartment in the middle of Madrid, novi sad, pula, and someplace ive never been- big city, reserve some for plane trips around, some for college funds for random children, and use the rest for whatever charity good will thing I take up (id have to research them all first)

- 5 locations I would like to run away to –
Mozambique, any of the above apartments, the Maldives, definitely not India- not a good runaway place Carmen, trust me, paris, Stockholm, somewhere in Australia.

- 5 bad habits I have -
being me. What could be worse

- 5 things I like doing -
not thinking, being with friends, swimming, organizing something

- 5 things I will never wear –
anything pink, most skirts and dresses, anything that looks bad on me and is revealing, a tie, anything that doesn’t match my mood

- 5 T.V. shows I like(d) –
Teenage ninja turtles!

- 5 movies I like –
ELling, Time of the Gypsies, We are not Angels, Amelie, and Bad Santa

- 5 people I'd like to meet –
My uncle, both my grandfathers, my identical twin (you know how everyone has one), and my greatgrandmother. She had purple eyes.

- 5 biggest joys at the moment –
my little ratika messing around with papers in his house, making his bed, cute cute cute, the fact that I finally broke up with jose, the fact that it went really strangely well, that I saw marga today, and that I talked to meri and Carmen today. YAY!

- 5 favorite toys –
um… my cards. JUST my cards. All 52 of em.

Tag: sure, why not.

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2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

Current mood: confused

Monday, February 7, 2005


Why it sucks to have a proliferous imagination and be studying which old insane psychologist that disected dogs said what:

See, after memorizing quotes by these people, you go to bed. Then you spend all night DREAMING about these people. You've got Thorndike and Skinner dancing the Tango with a roze between thorndike's teeth across a square with those little stone square floor things.. With Pavlov and his faithful mut by his side- the mut's holding Skinner's box for him while he's dancing, with the hysterical cat in it the whole while. Pavlov has a cane. James and Watson are trying to hit on some victorian chicks with ugly umbrellas. James is saying something about how "The emotions are so complex.. my dear Watson, its quite impossible to classify them, as every emotion is completely autonomous and unique, and cannot be compared to any other.."
One of the victorian chicks yawns. There's a congregation of old men with monacules( those little glasses that have only one glass so they squint it on) and notebooks are all surrounding this one guy, kinda scrawny and looks terrified, noting down everything he says about himself- that's the Gesalt studying psychology via interspection..

And so on and so forth, all night long- rum pum pum pum.. dara ra ra rum rum pum pum pum, darara ra rum..

Current mood: annoyed

Tuesday, February 1, 2005


III got a package from mt. so HA. Yah. That's right. Wallow in ur worthlessness. You'll never be as awsome as i am. Muahahahahahahahaa


Sunday, January 30, 2005


from now on i only update for important stuff :D like this... :P


You scored as Celestite. Celestite-types are generally slow-to-anger, focussed social butterflies. Outgoing yet balance, never shy but still take time to think. They tend to excel at organisation skills, not afraid to speak up but thankfully, too composed to shout and scorch people with a fiery temper!

See All Results/Comment


















Which Mystic Gem Stone Relates To You?
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You scored as Intrapersonal. You prefer your own inner world, you like to be alone, and you are aware of your own strengths, weaknesses, and feelings. You learn best by engaging in independent study projects rather than working on group projects. People like you include entrepreneurs, philosophers and psychologists.
















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
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Thursday, December 23, 2004


Your dark side is centered around Destructive
Power. A strong powerful castel built above
broken fragile glass, behind this setteled
confident look there is a beautiful, innocent
child waiting for someone to play with. All you
want is an independent caring soul, completes
you, no more lies or worries, just a strong
connection bonded by trust so you can feel
special and confident, find a new meaning for
everything, life will be almost perfect like
you want. You will find what you want when know
that life is not always like we want it to be.

What is the center of your dark core?
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Monday, November 29, 2004


Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results
Warmth |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Intellect |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Emotional Stability |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Aggressiveness ||||||||| 26%
Liveliness ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Dutifulness |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Social Assertiveness |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Sensitivity ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Paranoia |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Abstractness ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Introversion |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Anxiety ||||||||| 30%
Openmindedness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Independence ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Perfectionism |||||||||||| 34%
Tension ||||||||| 22%
Take Cattell 16 Factor Test (similar to 16pf)
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Thursday, November 25, 2004


I am Sven. Grovel.
Which Glendinningite Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.


Today was really tiring.
I got out of bed really early because i dreamt my mother was calling my cell

I feel sad, because i have angst and no one to take it out on

I'm so hardcore. Me and Buzz went to the mall today, and I stole a whole heap of stuff. I got a Good Charlotte CD, a couple of DVDs and some new boots. Buzz got caught, but he fought his way out, and then we stole some lady's car and smashed it into a phone booth.

Last night I had to shave my entire body. Apparently, the lice that I caught from Amanda's friend are really hard to get rid of. I look quite strange with no hair and eyebrows. I'd post pictures, but my webcam is broken.

I want to tell the world to get fucked.

I am really annoyed with those assholes at _are_you_hotter_than_us_?, because I am so much cuter than them, and those photos don't do me justice. They can't reject me, so I'm starting my own rating community. Click here to join (the first five applicants are automatically accepted).

Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! Here's ten thousand poorly adjusted and blurry pics of my wasp. she has wing cancer, but dont tell her. they only live like a week anyways, and i want her to die happy.

I want to say thanks to simon and Abbey and Dave and the other Simon for helping me on Saturday. You guys are the best. By the way, if you happen to find my wallet, keys or underwear, could you SMS me? Adrian has my number.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have a terrible skin disease which prevents me from coming into contact with other human beings. And bipolar disorder.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you what your favourite sexual position is.

i want a kitty :(

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with my favourite Buffy fan-fiction piece I wrote last year when I was in hospital.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


various tests and quizzesCollapse )

Monday, November 22, 2004


well, its official. im the only person around here that actually updates. its very very sad. i shouldnt be the one updating, you people should be updating a lot more than me.

anger, cuss, cuss stammer, anger, bla

Sunday, November 21, 2004

9:52PM - the cardigans- my favorite game

seems funny, now that ive got free time again, ive picked up an old hobby i ad neglected. Its amazing how much i love cobwebs, spider webs..
when i was little, i used to sit for hours, untangling bits of string and yarn and wool and such at my grandmothers' houses. though, after a while i ran out of tangled string. id untangle it, nad then roll it up neatly in tiny balls that were no good for anything really.
same thing with puzzles, i love em- whenever i get one, i cant stop making it till its finnished. and if someone breaks it, i make it again. i dont even mind that they broke it so much, coz it means i get to play another round.
in the end, im pretty much a gamester. is this what they mean when they say life is a game?

Thursday, November 18, 2004


well, the first time it happened i thought it might be coincidence.. but now its a fact. uni is waaay easier than a poorly organized bullshit highschool with "hard classes."
i just finished my second asignment. that's right SECOND asignment, since the begining of the year- which was a month and a half ago. It was to read a book 440 pages long about sociology. Its due tomorrow- and its going to be evaluated by a test at 1pm. Its not even 8 now, the day before, and im done.

carmen, you can understand my confusion, right?


... yah.. to boot i watched shrek 2 today. before finishing the reading. which i took notes on. and i still finished before... before 8 for hell's sake. i used to eat lunch at 6.30, and now im finishing shit before 8....

ok yah i realize im repeating myself, but this is ..

blink blink

im gonna go now

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


You are Hurt
Hurt: Something or someone has caused you a
deep kind of pain. You feel bitter and alone,
and seek out beauty in unusual places. You try
to find comfort but are unsuccessful. You want
to feel stable again.

What emotional state are you?
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well, its cute, but i never wear undershirts :P

Current mood: tired

Saturday, October 30, 2004


You're Newfoundland. You're not a complex person,
but it's not because you're not intelligent;
you just perfer the simpler things in life. You
can work hard and bear harder misfortunes than
most. It's too bad people underestimate you
because you're one tough S.O.B. when need be.

What Canadian Province Are You?
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Monday, October 25, 2004


Rainy day...
its so nice, to watch the rain create concentric circles in the pile floor pond on my terrace, with the heating on and kind of sad, comfy old serbian songs as background.. its just the time for dozing, or fixing photo albums.. stuff like that.
see, that's real love. Feelings like these are waht love's like. its just there, you dont touch it, or smell it, you just know its there becauseit feels so right. Its the right time for thinking about people that are gone, and how great they are wherever they are now.

Current mood: content

Sunday, October 24, 2004


well, its sunday afternoon, and ive been writting notes up online all morning.
Actually, i sHOUld have been writting up notes online all morning. in fact, i watched a movie in french (to practice my french, clearly) and the begining of dungeons and dragons.. but this i put aside for lunch, and after lunch guests came over. so i made coffee.... and after drinking the coffee and listening to their oh so interesting lives.. i decided to go to the computer and start working on the notes. except, the moment i touched the computer, a little whimper came from the next room, emited by their little bundle of joy. which had started crying. so i picked her up and carried it into the livingroom.
now im finally settled, and am going to start. now, at 6pm.
how much you bet they think i woke her up.
i hate that

Current mood: cranky

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